Why Balance My Liver?

The liver is the main organ of the body that detoxifies the blood.  The most common toxin we voluntarily take into the body is probably alcohol.  Sustained alcohol intake will initially acclimate the body to alcohol but eventually causes the liver cells to become exhausted and the effects of the alcohol last longer in the body.  This process begins when we first start drinking but the effects are gradual and only become noticeable as we get older. It also affects men's sperm quality and volume. and   To begin with we start to get hangovers when we never used to get them before.  Once the liver starts to deteriorate it effects its ability to function overall which has various medical clinical effects that can lead to jaundice and eventually cirrhosis which is when the liver becomes enlarged and fibrous.  Females are less able to detoxify alcohol than males and it is a growing problem in the UK where girls are getting cirrhosis of the liver as early as in their 20s.

The Liver Balance Health Disk has been formulated to provide additional support to the functioning of the liver.  Whilst excessive consumption of alcohol is not encouraged and responsible drinking is only to be recommended, people who wear the Liver Balance Health Disk prior to, during and after drinking alcohol have reported reduced adverse after-effects ie. you have a significantly reduced hangover - that's if you have one at all!!  

Whilst the Liver Balance Health Disk helps the body to cope with the effects of alcohol it will not stop you getting drunk and is not designed to enable people to drive after drinking alcohol and we highly recommend that you do not drink at all before  you drive or operate any potentially dangerous machinery.  For your information the body takes approximately 1 hour to clear 1 unit of alcohol which corresponds to 1 small glass (125ml) of 9% ABV wine or 1/2 pint 3.8% beer/lager/cider or 1 shot of 40% spirits.  Do not rely on the Liver Balance Disk Doctor to enable you to safely drive - you must allow adequate time for your body to naturally clear the alcohol from your blood. Many people who drink heavily at night do not realise they are still over the legal limit to drive the following morning. To ensure you are safe to drive it is a good idea to get a breath tester and use it before driving or operating machinery.

People should also be aware that many medications commonly taken for hangovers such as Ibuprofen have a very small safety margin before they too are toxic for the liver.  If you are a regular heavy drinker or already have compromised liver function that you may or may not be aware of then taking these medications in volume especially after a hangover where you might not count how many tablets you have taken over a short time can have potentially serious consequences.  The Liver Balance Health Disk is a much safer option.

Drinking water that has been placed on the Taste Enhancer will also aid rehydration of the body which in itself will help to reduce the severity of a hangover.  People who have compromised liver function for various other reasons will also benefit from the support the Liver Balance Health Disk provides.




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